Monday, January 23, 2017

Mindset Chpter Three

Live Blog Mindset Chapter Three


  1. ¨Interests blossom into abilities¨(63). How do you motivate people without interest?

    I wonder if labeling in schools can be eliminated if standardized tests were eliminated?

    What scientific research is there to show how genes and natural ability is related and why doesn't Dweck talk about this?

  2. @Ryan M, Mindset does not define who are, there are many other things that affect who someone is and also many things that affect mindset. If mindset defined who you were, then people would be so similar whether or not they had a growth or fixed mindset.

    @Andrew W I think Dweck measures growth mindset in overall success. She talks about people with a growth mindset and how succesful they are but she does not talk about other types of people. She also does not talk about how happy people are with their success or measure a growth mindset with happiness, which she should more.

  3. @AndrewWood, I think Dweck measures someones mindset my the amount of commitment that specific person has for a goal. I don't believe anyone can have a certain scale for mindset, but there is a general idea of your mindset/grit.

    @JacobB, I agree that Passion has a huge affect on someones mindset. Mindsets can change throughout the day depending on what situation you are in. For example, someone might hate school and have a fixed mindset about school, but they love sports and have a passion for it. They have a growth mindset about sports but not for school.

    @Ethan, "With a growth mindset, is there ever a limit to said growth?". I think that there is a limit to everything, but when people with growth mindsets it is very hard to reach a limit since they strive to be the best they can and learn more about the subject.

    @JacobB, Success in Mindset is measured by the amount of determination and commitment, it varies for everyone, but in Mindset it usually sticks to the same concept.

  4. @Rayn Myers I think that a mindset is what determines your actions and your actions determine who your are.
    @ Jacob B I belive that achievement is achieved when one defines and archives there own success. Success is different for every person so they will have different ways of achieving it.

    @ JAke G I think that we should praise pepole in a way that makes them try even harder.I dont think we should degrade them but i do think that we should congratulate and then give our constructive criticism.