Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mindset Chapter Four

Live Blog Mindset Chapter Four


  1. @RyanMyers I do agree with the mindset idea because I think there are two different types of people when it comes to their thoughts on succeeding and not succeeding.

    @Shawn I do not think if you have a fixed mindset you are an automatic failure because its not that you are failing its just that you do not want to improve.

    @Ben S the point when working hard is too much is when I am being asked to do a task that is near impossible and it would take lots of extra hours and the task turns out to be worthless.

    @Jud I think in curtain situations it can be bad to be labeled as gifted because people are expecting a lot of you and if you don't succeed they are disappointed.

    @AndrewWood I think Johnny Manziel would be not a growth of fixed mindset because he has changed a lot throughout his career. As of right now he would have a fixed mindset because he is not working very hard to get back into the NFL.

    @AndrewWood I think having a growth mindset can really benefit you when it comes to working as a team because you are always willing to grow and do better than other "teams".

  2. @ jud I belive that if one is told they are naturaly better then others in anyway they will slack off and not try to win.

    2 BEn S I think that overworking is defined by the person doing the work. If you do not work hard regularly you are more prone to not being able to do the work.

    @quincy i belive that there should never be a limit to succese and that there is always something new for you to chase in life.